WWE Hell In A Cell- DVD Review

WWE Hell In A Cell- DVD Review

(Out January 27h, 2014 via Fremantle Media)

By D.R Webster

After Summerslam things went down hill fast PPV wise for WWE with a average Night Of Champions being followed by the worst PPV of the year in Battleground, it was up to Hell In A Cell to step things up with the return of John Cena and the rubber match for the WWE Title between Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton with Shawn Michaels as the special referee among other things and although it was better than Battleground it still didn’t deliver as it could or should have.

Event Review:

Triple Threat WWE Tag Team Title Match- Cody Rhodes & Goldust © v The Shield (Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins) v The Uso’s

A very good match despite the triple threat stipulation, the crowd were very much behind Cody and Goldust but also cheered The Uso’s. The Shield managed to isolate Goldust for the better part of the match until he made a hot tag to Cody who took out The Shield with some great offence, in the midst The Uso’s made a blind tag on Cody trying to take advantage, almost taking the titles with a massive samoan drop on Rollins until Rhodes made the tag and hit Rollins with a superplex to the outside on top of everyone else in a great spot, back in ring all three teams tried to get the win with their best spots but Cody Rhodes pulled out the win with Cross Rhodes to retain the belts.

Doctor’s Diagnosis- This match stole the show, the second show stealing performance involving Cody Rhodes/Goldust and The Shield in back to back PPV’s with the added excitement of The Uso’s who brought something fresh into the mix while proving their worth alongside the other two teams. The crowd were into this back and forth match for its entirety, giving the PPV a hot start and each participant made the best of their time proving that the tag division is one of the best things the WWE has going at the moment.

Miz/Wyatt Family segment and the return of Kane:

In ring, The Miz called out Bray Wyatt to fight despite not being cleared to wrestle but instead he got Harper and Rowan who beat him down which brought out the returning Kane who took out both men in an awkward spot before taking out Miz also with a chokeslam.

Doctors Diagnosis- During the attack on Miz, the crowd chanted for Kane but when he did make his return for the save, the crowd reaction was lukewarm to say the least until he took out Miz which got a pop.

Fandango & Summer Rae v The Great Khali & Natayla:

After the usual dancing entrance, the forgettable action saw the plodding Khali and misused Natayla dominate the offence until Summer Rae managed to roll up Natalya to steal the victory.

Doctors Diagnosis- A filler match which felt like something from Raw, a total waste of time with the only notable moment being Summer Rae getting her first win on the main roster.

US Title Match: Dean Ambrose v Big E Langston

After the match between Big E and Curtis Axel for the IC Title on the pre-show was cancelled, Dean Ambrose angered Big E, leading to a match for the US Title on the main card. Ambrose fought off the larger Big E with his most vicious attacks however he couldn’t stop the momentum of Langston, at one point the action was so ferocious that both men clashed in the ring with Big E getting a cut below his eye making him bleed and Ambrose getting cut on his chin. In the end, Ambrose couldn’t stop Big E and decided to get himself counted out to retain his US Title, however an angered Big E tossed Ambrose back in the ring and nailed him with the Big Ending.

Doctor’s Diagnosis- A good match in which both men made the most of what they had to work with and despite the tough crowd due to the previous filler, they worked hard to put on a very good showing in what was a last minute match, showing the skill of both competitors. Big E had been doing great work since turning face at that point and Ambrose was on the ball as usual.

Hell In A Cell Match: CM Punk v Ryback & Paul Heyman

Paul Heyman managed to weasel his way out of the match beforehand once again by getting lifted to the top of the Cell on a cherry picker, letting Ryback do the work inside the Cell. After a long and mostly forgettable back and forth brawl littered with weapon attacks, Punk finally put Ryback through a table with a diving elbow before hitting the GTS for the win. Punk then climbed up the Cell afterwards and beat Heyman with a kendo stick and then finished him with a GTS leaving him laid out on top of the Cell.

Doctor’s Diagnosis- It was better than their match at Battleground with the added environment and weapons helping matters, although in my opinion the match was slow and didn’t hold attention very well, also the Punk/Heyman feud should have ended a month previously at Battleground as most of the heat was gone by this PPV leading to a lack of interest in the match and Punk finally getting his hands on Heyman fell a bit flat with the audience.

Los Matadores w/ El Torito v The Real Americans w/ Zeb Colter

After an even match, The Real Americans took advantage with Swagger managing to use the Patriot Lock and Cesaro hitting the big swing however Los Matadores managed to survive both moves and in the end, hit Swagger with their new double team back drop finisher. After the match, El Torito took out Cesaro and chased off Zeb Colter.

Doctor’s Diagnosis- Another filler match which should have happened on Raw, it was solid enough but not PPV quality.

World Heavyweight Title match: Alberto Del Rio v John Cena

John Cena made his big return at this point to challenge for the World Heavyweight Title. Alberto Del Rio targeted Cena’s injured arm right off the bat working it over at every opportunity throughout the match, however it didn’t stop Cena who kept fighting back in a back and forth encounter and after a Cross Armbreaker attempt failed, Cena reversed Del Rio into an AA to win his first match back along with the World Heavyweight Title.

Doctor’s Diagnosis- I had my doubts about the outcome at the time, I thought Cena might have shown up to pop a buyrate but have Del Rio take him out until the Royal Rumble as originally planned however it was business as usual for Cena despite not being 100%, in what was a decent match with a foregone conclusion, ultimately Cena wasn’t coming back early from an injury to lose.

Diva’s Title Match: AJ Lee w/ Tamina Snuka v Brie Bella w/ Nikki Bella

After a hard fight against AJ, Brie looked like she was closing in on the win and the title, Nikki Bella took out Tamina keeping her from interfering on AJ’s behalf however in the process Brie knocked out Nikki with a knee to the head by mistake and the distraction gave AJ the chance to lock Brie into the Black Widow, forcing her to tap out.

Doctor’s Diagnosis- Brie Bella continued to look more and more impressive here in ring, she held her own throughout in what was a decent diva match. The finish seemed to play into the rumours of a Nikki Bella heel turn at the time, which did not materialise and AJ moved on to a new challenger afterwards after defeating Brie twice in a row on PPV.

Hell In A Cell WWE Championship Match: Daniel Bryan v Randy Orton w/ Special Referee: Shawn Michaels

In what looked to be the blowoff to their feud, both men battled tooth and nail in the main event for the WWE Title with Shawn Michaels overseeing the action inside the Cell and Triple H watching outside of the Cell. Orton and Bryan used the cage extensively to tear each other apart before moving onto steel chair shots then an ECW style pile of steel chairs inside the ring for a superplex spot which took out both men. Orton managed to get a near fall on Bryan which lead to Triple H screaming at HBK for not counting to three as both men argued outside of the ring, Orton and Bryan nailed each other with their signature spots but there was no referee to count the falls, as HBK got back in, he was caught in the crossfire and taken out once again which lead Triple H to open the cage door and go inside to check on HBK, throwing Bryan off as Bryan was checking on HBK himself, unbeknownst to Triple H though, Bryan set him up for the running knee and nailed Triple H with it as he turned around finally getting back some revenge on the COO, however it would be his undoing as Shawn Michaels took exception to Bryan attacking his best friend and knocked out Bryan with Sweet Chin Music, Randy Orton then crawled into the cover and HBK reluctantly counted to three, crowning Orton as the new WWE Champion before leaving the Cell and heading to the back.

Doctor’s Diagnosis- This match could have gone either way, many people thought HBK would screw Bryan which he did but he didn’t turn fully heel which wasn’t expected as he cost Bryan the title but showed some remorse and hesitation. The match itself was pretty good, better than their match at Battleground and probably their best of all three encounters, it was hard hitting, personal and had a good story.


This DVD is an improvement on the previous month’s Battleground PPV and worth picking up for matches like Bryan/Orton for the WWE Title, the Triple Threat Tag Title match and Ambrose/Langston for the US Title.

Many thanks to Elle and Jeremy at Fetch PR for providing this content to review.

DVD Extras:

The following are the extras included on the normal DVD version, including backstage interviews after the PPV and the match from the HIAC kickoff show.

- Hell in a Cell Kickoff Show Match: Kofi Kingston vs. Damien Sandow

- CM Punk Reflects on Hell in a Cell

- Exclusive 1st Interview with John Cena since Returning From Injury