Stewie of Cambridge


Chap of the Manor Stewie Takes the Crown

Stewie & William fight over the crown (sceptor in hand)

Family Guy Season 12 launch. London. Britain.

The whole family waves to their royal subjects

(Look out for the full photo album in Issue 1 of RetroCULT released on November 30th.)

First he gate-crashed the royal Christening portrait, now Royal Family Guy Stewie is settling in to family life with Kate and Wills.

Stewie the scheming upper-class baby from the hit US animation Family Guy has been spotted around London and Kensington Palace with his newfound adopted parents the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.  In a revealing set of photos, released to celebrate the release of Family Guy Season 12 on DVD, the upper-class one-year old is seen interacting with his newfound parents, with George nowhere to be seen.

The pictures show Kate and Wills getting used to their new super-size baby, changing his nappy, posing for family portraits and driving around the Kensington Palace grounds with Stewie lording it up in the back of their convertible.

The photos are all part of the #StewieOfCambridge campaign, celebrating the release of Season 12 on DVD, which features the very British episode segment ‘Chap of the Manor’.  The hilarious episode sees Seth Macfarlane’s Emmy-winning animation take on all that is British, establishing a parallel British version of the Griffins, with Peter’s alter-ego Neville discovering he is related to Queen Elizabeth and doing everything in his power to gain a lock of her hair to discover the truth.

Family Guy Season 12 is released on DVD on 4 November from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment and features the very British segment ‘Chap of the Manor’