RetroCULT Christmas: Shrek The Musical Review

SHREKStill searching for that last minute present to get a loved one? Well if you are looking for a gift which the whole family will enjoy then look no further. Shrek The Musical. Yes you read that correctly, Shrek The Musical. I was a bit skeptical that the Broadway adaption could not live up to the original film series but after two minutes in me and my two year old son were laughing our heads off.

In some aspects the Broadway adaption surpasses the original film franchise especially with the comedy which is better in front of the live crowd. The one liners are timed to perfection without the  feeling  that they are scripted . Overall the comedy comes off as being very natural and authentic. I have seen theater productions over the years where the jokes are over-rehearsed and the actors are almost waiting for the audience reaction.

With the original films it can be very easy for actors and writers for that matter to copy what they has been done before. All the characters including the main three, Shrek, Donkey, and Fiona have slightly different dimensions from the film series which is only complemented further by the toe-tapping catchy show tunes which progress the story and the comedy.

The chemistry and banter between Shrek and Donkey is just as good as the chemistry between Mike Myers and Eddie Murphy in the film adaptation. There are enough jokes to keep the adults amused with references to other musicals, and it also includes the muffin man joke from the movie for die hard Shrek fans. The production is simply amazing, and overall I think it is just slightly better then the orginal film series and is worth a watch for any Shrek fans.

The film seemed to pass the Riley (my 2 year old son) test who normally gets bored of anything that is not animated or not related to trains. No doubt that kids will love this just as much as the animated version and it is a great family movie to watch. This will be a great stocking filling for your kids or a great gift to get for a ‘group’ family present. (Beats getting a box of Celeberations, other chocolates are available)

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