Resurrection Issue 2

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Resurrection magazine is back and it’s better than ever! Well, it’s better than last issue, and last issue was the previous best ever! Of course, with that said, last issue was also the first ever issue… Thankfully, we’ve set the bar pretty high! So, what can you, dear wrestling fanatic, expect from issue 2 of Resurrection? News from every corner of our fair Kingdom? Check. Features on legends such as Kendo Nagasaki and Marty Jones? Check. Interviews with global stars Doug Williams and The Blossom Twins? Naturally. And a big giveaway? Well… Indeed, our giveaway this issue is our best ever! In fact, as twee as that sounds, it’s actually a truly rare opportunity – we’re giving you the chance to write a cover story for a future issue of our magazine! That’s right – you! You don’t need to be an expert, you don’t need any experience – hell, you don’t even need to consider yourself a writer! Pick up the latest issue for full details of how to win this truly amazing, once-in-a-lifetime prize! So… what are you waiting for? If you’ve not already clicked ‘buy’, then do it. Now! Quick – before we run out!!!

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