James Klonowski sat down recently for an in-depth chat with TGW head honcho James Carr. The full interview will be in the next issue of Resurrection, out May 12th, but we thought we’d treat you to a preview ahead of TGW’s first show, War of the Roses, which takes place on April 17th.


So, tell us what fans coming to your shows can expect to see?

True Grit Wrestling is a promotion set up to showcase some of the best British talent we have in this country today in a professional environment, and aims to offer fans a unique and atmospheric wrestling experience.

Our first show, War of the Roses, is on April 17thand each match is Yorkshire vs. Lancashire. Each match victory will gain the respective team 1 point and whichever county has the most points at the end of the night will have won the ‘War of the Roses’ and will be declared the wrestling kings of the North.

I am proud to say that the show will take place at Control nightclub in Leeds, which is one of best-suited venues to host professional wrestling in this country that I have seen. Check out the pics on our Twitter page @TrueGritPromote for a quick sneak preview.

Tell us a little about your roster and who you believe has the potential to make it big.

Our current roster are all obviously from either Yorkshire or Lancashire. I firmly believe that both these areas are home to some of the best wrestlers in the country today and all have the potential to make it big in professional wrestling. We would not have booked them if we didn’t see star quality in them.

Our main event sees two wrestlers who have particularly impressed us. Firstly, representing Yorkshire is Rampage Brown. It is widely agreed by both fans and even other wrestlers that Rampage is perhaps the best and most professional of wrestlers on the UK scene today. He has some of the most brutal and intense wrestling matches you will ever witness as a wrestling fan and epitimises the ethos of TGW – hard hitting, in your face, smash mouth wrestling. Everything about him screams ‘True Grit’.

The other man in the main event is the Manchester Monster – Cyanide. Cyanide has made a big impact on the wrestling scene in Lancashire and is an incredible and impressive big man wrestler. He will squash you like a bug with his immense power and size and then he will defy all logic by doing a moonsault off of the top rope. Putting him in the ring with Rampage Brown in the main event is going to give a memorable heavyweight contest that no fan of British wrestling can afford to miss. I just hope that our ring and venue is still intact after it has finished.

Tell us a bit about any upcoming shows you have planned.

Apart from the main event I just described we also have an incredible undercard. The Masked Mexican, El Ligero (who now lives in Leeds and is an honoury Yorkshire man) takes on Manchester’s Bubblegum. This contest will be quick and absolutely mesmorising to watch. Formerly a tag team, these two know each other so well and I can’t wait to see how they plan on out wrestling each other.

We also have a tag team contest with Project Ego and the Blackpool Blonds, who will be accompanied by the beautiful Fearn Wai and the vivacious vixen Shax. This match features arguably two of the best tag teams in the country today and if you are a fan of tag team wrestling this won’t disappoint at all.

We’ve also got our chiseled strong men with Lancashire’s R.J.McKenzie and Yorkshire’s Valkabious. Both of these guys obviously spend a lot of time and effort in the gym and it will be interesting to see how they attempt to out muscle each other to prove to the audience that they are the stronger of the two.

Joey Hayes has recently turned heads and proved he is one of the countries best with his title wins at PCW and PAID promotions. He will be taking on Sam Wilder, who is an up and coming star in his own right and has particularly impressed me too. Whilst Joey has the edge on experience, both men are incredible versatile and polished athletes. This should be a great all round wrestling match.

A few added extras we have on display is the launch of our merchandise company ‘The Merch Stand’ and we will also have the team mascots – Yorkshire’s beloved Big Daddy mascot and Lancashire’s heavyweight Giant Haystacks mascot.

Do you think the future is bright for British wrestling?

Yes! There are so many companies doing well at the moment and the future is incredibly bright for British wrestling. Our goal is for TGW to be a part of that and produce a top quality product that will help elevate British wrestling to even newer heights. Leeds is an area that I feel is lacking a real top quality promotion at this time and we want to change that. That is why I picked this location to start True Grit Wrestling. It is a thriving area of the country that deserves to have a professional high caliber wrestling company. That is what we will deliver. I know that because I have given up everything to do this. That’s how strongly I feel about this product. I promise TGW will not disappoint you with our first show on April 17th.


That’s all for now folks: Don’t forget to like TGW on Twitter at, @TrueGritPromote – and get over if you can to Control nightclub in Leeds on April 17th for what will be a tremendous debut for TGW!