New Year’s Telly

New Year’s Telly 

Written by James Hodges


Alan Davies

When the tree has come down and the tinsel is nestled safely back in the box for another year we wait for that familiar sound of fireworks and distant cheers as the clock strikes midnight, signalling the beginning of a new year. So when the cold winter nights settle in and we return to the daily grind, our old friend, the telly is there to welcome us home. Here is what it has in store over the coming months:

“Birds of a Feather”

Yes, that’s right… our mum’s favourite sitcom is back! After nearly 15 years of being off our screens this 90’s hit will return for another series. This is a show that I have only been able to appreciate in recent years because as a little boy the last thing I wanted to watch was a group of middle aged women gabbing in a kitchen. However, I am genuinely pleased about it coming back, it’s a show brimming with nostalgia and seeing the new promo images of the sisters together again, I just can’t help but smile.

“Jonathan Creek”

Another blast from the past returns as David Renwick brings back the windmill-dwelling sleuth. We have been blessed with the odd Christmas and Easter special over the years but Creek is back for its official fifth series, the fourth finishing nearly a decade ago. Unlike “Birds of a Feather” this was something I really did love growing up and I am overjoyed that Alan Davies is donning the duffel coat once again.

“Inside No. 9”

Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith follow up their last offering, “Psychoville” with yet another darkly comic creation, “Inside No. 9”.  This time the pair brings us an anthology series with each episode being its own stand alone peculiar tale. The duo set out to bring an even darker meaning to the phrase “What goes on behind closed doors” as each story takes place inside a different house baring the number 9 as they craft what is sure to be a shining example of their particular brand of domestically gothic comedy horror.

“Car Share”

Peter Kay stars and directs in the new sitcom, “Car Share”. It’s been a while since Peter has been on our screens, known as someone who takes a while between projects but now Kay is finally back. Kay plays John, a man who works in a supermarket and is forced into a car share scheme with fellow colleague, Kayleigh, played by unknown actress Sian Gibson. The premise sounds interesting and hints that the majority of the show could take place inside a single car, a fascinating and risky concept.

“Moone Boy”

“Moone Boy” gets a second series…and a third. Sky really are over the Moone (sorry) with their new show, so much in fact that it is said that we will not only get series 2 but 3 as well in 2014. Now, I have to admit, when the show first started my immediate thought was “Drop Dead Fred rip off…” but over time I have learned to love this show. Where “Drop Dead Fred” was off-beat and dealt with the dark side of imaginary friends, “Moone Boy” is a charming portrait of a goofy kid embracing his imagination to offset an all too complicated reality. I can relate…

“Friday Night Dinner”

And finally we have “Friday Night Dinner” returning with a third series. Robert Popper brings us a show with not just a great cast but a great premise. Each episode is based on a Friday night (as the title may suggest) and involves two young brothers meeting at their parents house for dinner and, being an incredibly dysfunctional family, chaos inevitably ensues. I suppose you could say that Popper has made a bit of a sleeper hit, it’s a successful show but not one you hear many talk about, although the odd-ball neighbour Jim, played by Mark Heap, as well as his canine companion are steadily becoming cult characters. I must admit…they are my favourite aspect of the show.

So there you have it, you’re T.V. highlights to look forward to in the New Year.