New Girl Season 2 Review

New Girl Season 2 Review

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New Girl in its first series cemented itself as a must watch show. So the pressure was really on for Season 2, to see whether they could build on the success of the Season 1. Season 2 of the quirky comedy has several plot lines but the central promise is the will they won’t they relationship of Nick and Jess. The chemistry between the pair is phenomenal, at times you can get lost in urging them both together. Along with the many relationships in the season there is laugh out loud moments every minute or two. Your face will be aching from all the laughing and smiling.

Season 2 deals with the dysfunctional family of Nick, and later in the season Nick had to deal with a death in his family. This season we also delve more into the character of Winston who really comes to live in this series. One of my favourite characteristics of Winston is his inability to judge a prank. Jess loses her job in the series, gets into a new relationship, replaces CeCe on a modeling job, and also replaces a drunk Elvis at the funeral. In the series we also met Jess parents played by Jamie Lee Curtis, and Rob Reiner. Schmidt continues to deliver his outrageous one liners, as we are all left wondering through out the Season if he will reignite his relationship with CeCe after their bizarre break up in Season 1.

Season 2 is superior to the previous season, and with the end of other American comedies, such as How I Met Your Mother. New Girl will not only fill the void but will continue to offer us one of the best quality comedies from America. With Season 3 seeing the return of The Coach from the pilot episode, it is set to be another successful year for New Girl. Overall this is a simply must buy for anyone who is a fan of American comedies. This kooky, and quirky comedy will also serve as a great Christmas gift.

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