Favourite Christmas Movies

To help with the promotion with the new film, Black Nativity featuring Forrest Whitaker, Tyrese Gibson, Angel Bassett, Jennifer Hudson, Mary J Blige, and Nasir Jones. We have done a run down of some of our favourite Chrismas movies. Check your local cinema to see when they are playing Black Nativity. 


Black Nativity (2013)

A new classic to join the Christmas canon, Black Nativity is the latest greatest holiday film. A contemporary reworking of a musical by renowned American poet Langston Hughes, the movie follows Langston on a spiritual journey begun by a holiday sojourn with his estranged relatives. With talented actors like Forest Whitaker and Angela Bassett as well as powerful vocalists like Jennifer Hudson, Mary J. Blige, and Nasir Jones in the cast, Black Nativity is sure to be a Christmas gift worth revisiting for many years to come.


Love Actually (2003)

So maybe Love Actually is more of a movie set at Christmas than an actual Christmas movie, but it’s a great holiday watch nonetheless. Even after 10 years, all its perceptions and observations on love in just about every form feel fresh and relevant. Not to mention, it’s a real heart-warmer that will fill you up with Christmas cheer at the same time!


Elf (2003)

Save maybe Ron Burgundy, Will Ferrell has not created a more iconic character than Buddy the Elf since he left Saturday Night Live. Buddy, a human raised as an elf in the North Pole, journeys to New York to find his biological father: a fish-out-of-water tale if ever there were one. He arrives in a city with next to no Christmas spirit, leading to some huge culture clashes that are still hilarious whether you’re watching Elf for the third or thirtieth time.


Bad Santa (2003)

Who says all Christmas movies have to be for the whole family? Put the kids to bed and bask in the vulgarity of Bad Santa, starring Billy Bob Thornton as the foul-mouthed title character that uses his get-up as a mall Santa as a cover to rob them blind on Christmas Eve. Irreverent, crude, but also strangely touching, Bad Santa is an unexpected holiday treat.


The Santa Clause (1994)

Ever wonder how Santa Claus got his job? Tim Allen’s Scott Calvin finds out the hard way in The Santa Clause after he morphs into good old St. Nick over the course of the year after causing the old Santa to fall to his death on Christmas morning. Creative to no end, The Santa Clause (and its sequels, too) are always a delight to dust off each holiday season.


National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (1989)

After ill-fated family trips to Walley World and Europe, the Griswold family thought they could have a calm and normal Christmas at home. But as National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation unfolds, we see that’s definitely not the case as everything that can go wrong does. The family’s zany holiday hijinks still entertain and delight decades later.


A Christmas Story (1983)

Poor Ralphie just wants his red rider BB gun. But over the course of A Christmas Story, he’s repeatedly refused, being told by adult after adult that he’ll shoot his eye out. No film before or since has so brilliantly and uproariously captured the insane childhood Christmas fever, making A Christmas Story a movie trotted out repeatedly each year.


White Christmas (1954)

Contrary to popular belief, White Christmas did not introduce the world to the song “White Christmas.” (That would be 1942’s Holiday Inn.) But nonetheless, this is still an old Christmas favourite with plenty of memorable songs to get your toes tapping. With a spectacular cast of singers led by the inimitable Bing Crosby, White Christmas has crooned its way into the hearts of moviewatchers for over half a century.


Miracle on 34th Street (1947)

Many kids catch on that a department store Santa isn’t the real Santa Claus. But what if he was? That’s the claim made by the Macy’s Santa Claus, Kris Kringle, in Miracle on 34th Street. A charmer if ever there were one, this movie will inspire and enchant this Christmas as it has every one since its release.


It’s a Wonderful Life (1946)

The ultimate Christmas classic, It’s a Wonderful Life is also widely regarded as one of the best movies ever made. This sentimental tale made by the ultimate American emotionalist director Frank Capra takes us on a journey with Jimmy Stewart’s George Bailey, a decent man about to commit suicide on Christmas Eve. Before he can take his own life, his guardian angel enters and shows him how his community would have changed had he never been born. A joyous tribute to life, this movie will make you weep … and then give your loved ones a giant hug.