Dorner vs Tookie Review

Warning: Strong Language. 


Dorner vs Tookie Review

You might be fooled into thinking that rap music is all about, guns, girls, gangs, and well anything you can brag about. This because rappers are trying to be cool, fresh, hip, whatever term you want to use. Then you get rappers who are just consumed in the politics and making producers happy that they make tracks which in my opinion belittle the art of rap. So where is this opening rant leading? It is quite simple, Hellfyre Club makes me want to listen to rap music again. No, not the mainstream shit that is polluting the airwaves and the video music channels. The rap music that actual means something to the rappers, rap music that is not trying to be cool, it is cool because they know who they are.

Hellfyre Club have released a pre-cursor compilation album titled “Dorner vs. Tookie.” which showcases some of their incredible artist. I could probably spend all of the review dissecting the amazing lines in some of the songs which are truly hilarious, others are quite poignant, and some have great pop culture references. Aside from the quotable lines from the songs, the songs are well produced and expertly put together. The whole purpose of the album is to act like a shop window for these artist, this is almost like their theatrical trailer to make people want to buy their future albums, go to see them at a club, or just simply keep up to date with them on social media.

I would like to give a massive thanks to Hellfyre Club and their artists for making me believe in rap music again. Rap music has been brutalised, raped, and missold for a good decade. Not only have Hellfyre Club and their artists made rap music credible again for me, they are helping to evolve the genre of rap music. If Hellfyre Club play their cards right 2014 can be a massive year for them and their artists. I for one look forward to any future releases.

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