Christmas Television 2013

Oh it’s that time of year again! (Christmas Television 2013)

Written by Callum Critchley



Yes it’s Christmas and I know it can be a little depressing, your wallets are emptier and you put a little weight on with all that Christmas turkey, but fear not because I’m here to spread some festive cheer! What you may ask? Well turn that frown upside down, pick up the remote, lean a little closer and I shall tell you, every year there is content created with Christmas in mind (Doctor Who is an obvious one) but this year there is quite a lot to choose from:


Not normally my kind of thing, but Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi are such a tremendous double act they pull it off and it’s a pleasure to see such big names on television. In the show they both play a mature gay couple living together, who take pleasure from being rather unpleasant to one another. This far from being a deterrent is one of the charms of the show as you can truly tell the characters care for one another and it makes for truly great viewing.

“Open all Hours”

With the return of the shop and David Jason’s character now taking the father figure role, it will be difficult to gage how the episode will go. For those who haven’t watched the show the two male leads David Jason and Ronnie Barker (who tragically passed away) ran a corner shop together and David Jason’s character was really ambitious and wanted to dream big whilst Ronnie Barkers character tried his best to reign this in with humour and it made excellent viewing. Now with David Jason playing the shop owner it opens him up for some great comedic moments which we all know he can pull off (referring to of course “The Only Fools And Horses”) so win or lose at the very least we get to see the class act that is David Jason on our screens again.

“Top Gear”

I don’t normally like very blokey things but Top Gear (along with football) is the exception for me, now some may not like this show and I agree it is a Marmite show, with a sense of blokish immaturity running through it I’m not surprised. But if you sit back, switch off your brain and watch the show and how it’s pieced together you may start to enjoy it! I’ve said for many years Top Gear is one of the most technically well put together shows the BBC create and I do not say that lightly, the crew do not get nearly enough credit for the package they create and with yet another epic journey planned they have one hell of a back drop for us to enjoy over the festive period.


For me one of the most thrilling things to watch on television is the combination of Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch and what with the rise of both actors

and moving over to Hollywood I feared we wouldn’t get another series. Thankfully this isn’t the case; in this article I have spoken about double acts and for young men in the industry they show an incredible sense of maturity and find tremendous depth within the characters. Sherlock is well and truly returning from the dead (trying my best to keep this spoiler free!) and if you’ve watched up to now you will be every bit as keen to see how and I will be there along with you!

“Doctor Who”

Yes I mentioned it in the intro but I feel this has to be mentioned! Not least because Doctor Who is such a respectable name, but this is the first time (besides his eyebrows I grant you) we see Peter Capaldi’s Doctor for the first time. This is not even mentioning the bow of Matt Smith who I think has been exceptional in the role and deserves a mention with the combination of youthful energy and maturity to bring a darker Doctor to the screen than we’ve ever seen before. This year I feel Doctor Who back room staff is pulling out all the stops and with the ending of the 50th year of the show, they will want this year to go out with a bang!

Now hopefully you’re not as bah-humbug as you were before you read this article, or you still might be, but I do hope you and your loved one’s have a Merry Christmas and enjoy the viewing no matter which shows you watch (though I am a tad biased). All the best.