2013 YEAR IN REVIEW – Jason Ridpath



Over the next week or so, some of the writers of RetroCULT will be doing a personal review of their 2013. I thought this was a great idea for the readers to get to know us all a little better and for the writers to learn more about the fellow writers of the publication. This is my piece, by me I mean Jason Ridpath, Director of RJTR Publishing and the man behind all the graphics and layouts in our publications

2013 what a bizarre year it has been whether it be in popular culture or in my personal life. The small highs were followed by the almost never ending abyss of lows. However the glass is very much half full for me. So maybe I should start with the bad stuff first get it all out of the way.

In 2013, I lost quite a few things. I am not a fan of the term lost as it comes with the notion that it can be found ago. Let me try again. In 2013, I was unfairly dismissed from my part-time job as a cleaner because I wouldn’t change my contract over to a rolling temporary contract. This was a month before the impending arrival of my second son. I am still unemployed as of writing this which for anyone who has gone through it is quite possibly the most demoralising situation to be in especially when there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Instead of gaining real help I get put on work placement schemes and courses which do not help make me any more employable. I apply for hundreds of jobs a week ranging from jobs you would not wish upon your worse nightmare to jobs that I would probably kill you for (sorry about that it is nothing personal) My major surprise is signing on every fortnight and the advisers looking bewildered that I am actively seeking work. No disrespect to people who do not want to work and are happy with their fortnightly pittance from the government I would rather spend my time in work whether it be cleaning or designing magazines.

Before my unfair dismissal I was dealt a devastating blow in the form of my Grandfather dying after a short but painful battle with cancer. Something which I will never get over and I spend nearly everyday mulling over his life. Or just thinking about the eternal question what is beyond this life. The thing what is upsetting is all the things he will miss like my children growing up. At the same time I am thankful to have had over 22 years with such a wonderful man.

So now to the positives which I kind of spoiled earlier on in the post but my second son was born in June. A month later I passed my driving test after refusing to learn to drive for several years. On a professional level despite being unemployed I have had great success with my own business none financial but my wrestling magazine was downloaded by 10k people every month up until August when I made the decision to focus on the RetroCULT project thus merging AWM with the returning Total Wrestling Magazine.

Overall it has been a strange year but I have made some new friends, have a loving family, and hopefully will continue with more success with the business for not only me but for the people who help write in our different publications. As mystical as it sounds and probably very irritating you get out of life what you put in too it. It is easier to quit something then battle through it. That doesn’t mean that you will always win but you will always learn something new. Have a prosperous 2014 and beyond.