2013 Year In Review – Part Three

2013 Year In Review – Part Three

We maybe a few days into 2014 but RetroCULT writers are continuing their personal reviews of 2013. As we are post the third part of RetroCULT’s 2013 Year In Review.


2013: The Year of Transition  – Written by Kirsty Smith

For me, 2013 hasn’t been the year where I’ve fallen in love or found my perfect job, moved into my ideal home or won the lottery – should probably start putting it on I guess! I am still a single, 24 year old girl, working in an independent bar in Yorkshire and spending way too much money in Waterstones and Topshop on a weekly basis. When asked to write this little sum up of a year in which not a great deal seemed to have changed at first glance, I decided to look back with a positive attitude and recognize that actually 2013 has been pretty amazing.

After starting the year off at work, consuming a heavy amount of alcohol and dancing on the bar at our staff party, I returned to Athens for a few weeks where I had been doing a six month study placement. I was deeply saddened to leave such a beautiful, culturally rich place and to say goodbye to my friends including my two hilarious Spanish flatmates who had become like big brothers to me. Returning from Greece, I appreciated that I’d learnt a lot about other people and about myself and I think in many ways it was a step towards understanding what I want out of life and realising my independence.

As soon as I arrived home however, it was a complete dive into dissertation work. Although one of the most stressful and caffeine tablet- fuelled times of my life, it led to an amazing graduation day with my best friend from university after three years of having our heads burrowed under mountains of English literature books… and the odd cocktail menu.It was definitely one of the best days of my life so far, celebrating with all our friends and family, the sun was shining and it was a fantastic conclusion to our academic life.

This year also seemed to be quite a big nostalgic year for me. I was fortunate enough to track down Lemar and travel down to Birmingham with a friend in order to see him perform at a very low key, community park festival. Who should also be there but Blue! Blue tour tickets had already been booked and paid for before that so we saw them twice this year and then to top things off, I was given a ticket to The Big Reunion Christmas Tour. And of course I’ve booked a McBusted ticket for 2014. Fantastic year music wise…

The other significant event in 2013 for me was my two week excursion throughout Nice and Italy with my BFF. Though neither of us are your typical girly girls, we were not prepared for the literal amount of blood, sweat and tears that comes from travelling through a country with heavy backpacks, minimal money and questionable hostel accommodation. We were robbed, fined, I discovered an ant’s nest in my bag and we nearly fell out a fair few times due to exhaustion and lack of food. But we came out of it as stronger people, closer friends and as having seen and experienced the sights and wonders of the major Italian cities. When the nightmares stop, I’ll hopefully be writing it all down at some point. Highlights of the trip however, included visiting where Grace Kelly lived in Monaco, putting a padlock on the bridge in Venice with two very handsome American chaps and staying in a five star hotel in Rome, booked purely by accident, with complimentary spa and air conditioning.

The reason why I have described this year as a transition year is because although nothing definitive has happened that I can tick off my list, I am very hopeful about what 2014 has in store. For me, 2013 has been a metaphorical stepping stone to realising what I want to do, what and who is truly important to me and who I want to become in the following years. The thing that has put things into perspective for me was when my best friend asked me to be fairy godmother to her baby, due in April, and so my primary focus and what I am most looking forward to is making sure I am an excellent godmother and in the process, overcoming my fear/dislike of children!

This means it’s time to grow up. This is what I’m going to do in 2014.