2013 Year In Review – Part Four

 2013 Year In Review – Part Four


With the year a week old we continue with part four of 2013 Year In Review. Featuring articles by Callum, Arti, and Anita. 

My year with film and TV! Written by Callum Critchley  @CDCritchley

This is my very own shiny and all new 2014 article and is a re-cap of everything that I have done worth noting this year. There are two reasons for the choice of the title of this article and the first reason is I am actively trying to break in to the world of film and television starting out as a runner and or a production assistant as we all do and hoping to progress higher in rank. For any fellow young people who want to make it in this industry and know that it is a constant grind I hope 2014 brings you more chances to progress which is what I’m also hoping to do as well.

In other news this year I graduated from MMU and ever since my main goal hasn’t been grades anymore but to get as much experience as humanly possible to make it in this industry that I love so much and is the reason why I write about it for Retro Cult in the first place. As this is a personal piece I will say what my long term goal is. I want to create my own content as in writing scripts and directing it both for television and film; this will not happen by any means straight away but this is my long term aim so. Wish me Luck!

Now moving on to the countdown part of the article and the second reason why this does not say “The top 5 films of the year” is because this is by no means a comprehensive list of the best of 2013, but I have whittled it down to just five, yes five! Stick that in your pipe and smoke it everyone else, in all seriousness though this is merely my personal opinions of the films I have held most dear to my chest this year get ready for some fancy font.

“Star Trek into Darkness”

Being a little bit of a nerd and a huge Sherlock fan in my eyes this film is Benedict Cumberbatch showing what he can offer in the big leagues and he in my eyes is going to go from strength to strength as shown in the film and carry on with that (I hope). The being said I thought this could have been better like the previous Star Trek film which offered a little more in narrative and the progression of Spock and Kirk which seems to have been put a bit on the back burner, except for their constant back and forth about morality and what is right and wrong which I love.

In my eyes however the enterprise has never been in safer hands than when piloted by J.J Abrams and I feel now that the cast have developed a chemistry that he feels it is in safe to step aside hands and in my opinion he is probably the best choice to take on Star Wars if anybody is going to attempt that great task.



A lot has been said about this film so I’ll make it brief, for me this is a technical masterpiece and hats off to all of the crew and cast that made this possible but for me this was very slow in pace at times it relied you too much to care about the characters very quickly which is why it does not make it higher in the list and I wished it could have been more.

“Sound City” 

Yeah a curve ball in there for you, this is Dave Grohl’s director debut and if you love him as much as I do, this is a must watch and is about the production studio known as “Sound City” which produced a list of great records and the movie is about its regular churn of music up until it’s sad closure. A little helpful suggestion once you’ve watched this try and get hold of “Foo Fighters: Back and Forth” as it charts the development from Nirvana to them doing shows at Wembley and is a nice follow up to his film especially if you’ve not had your fill of Grohl-ness.

“The Worlds End” 

It’s not often you see a British set of actors and a British director stay with one another and have the success they have had which is why this holds such resonance with me on a personal note. It is a fantastic end to the trilogy, not as good in my eyes as the best of the lot which in my eyes is “Hot Fuzz”; this film is not quite of a coming of age story, but the inability to let go and move on from our youth which we can all say we’ve had trouble with and having terrible cases of nostalgia.

Simon Pegg is his usual brilliant self but a special mention I feel has to be said about his counterpart Nick Frost who seems to be getting better with every movie. This film I could connect too on so many levels which is the reason for its placing of runner up and so nearly made the top!

“The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” 

The first hobbit film I loved and actually made me appreciate The Lord of the Rings films – I know shame on me! – but that being said the first of The Hobbit films set it up nicely for the trilogy but in my eyes The Desolation of Smaug was incredible (especially if you can see it in IMAX you should try too!). This film was surprisingly tense and the connection of Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch teaming up yet again (this time on the big screen) proved to be a master stroke by Peter Jackson.

Another little suggestion if you like the first and second film Peter Jackson being the awesome and splendid fellow that he is has done a series of blogs that charts the development of the entire process which is by the way insane! You can find these on youtube and make for great viewing and are by far better viewing than watching cat videos.

My Personal Recap of 2013 – Anita Sulser

“I’m for truth, no matter who tells it. I’m for justice, no matter who it is for or against. I’m a human being, first and foremost, and as such I’m for whoever and whatever benefits humanity as a whole.” – Malcolm X

Within the bible, the year 2013 stands for double blessings. The meaning is derived from the double portion of the inheritance given to the firstborn under the laws of primogeniture. Joseph received the double blessing from Jacob, who adopted Joseph’s two sons, Ephraim and Manasseh, and blessed them. This made 13 Tribes of Israel, rather than twelve, and the number, 13, was forever associated with the double blessing. Although the reality of the situation was not as prosperous as previously expected.

The year 2013 has brought much joy as well as it accompanied a large amount of melancholy for a percentage of the population of this planet. Personally and professionally, 2013 has been very beneficial. In the beginning of the year, I had still been working closely with repeat youth offenders, whilst completing my Masters degree in Consciousness and Metaphysics and beginning my PhD in Clinical Spiritual Counselling and Thanatology. Additionally, I was composing scientific articles, mostly revolving around physics for MindSet Magazine. As I am increasingly people-orientated, I always welcome constructive feedback and suggestions.

As the year progressed, I began to refine my methods of performing variant types of yoga, such as Kundalini Yoga, Hatha Yoga etc. and martial arts, such as Aikido, Jiujitsu and Wing Chun. In addition, I focused more upon expanding my professional research, which largely encompassed the nature of reality as well as life as a whole. It was around that time when I became largely interested in the essence of combat and the attainment of non-attachment. In the first few days of research, I stumbled upon Murphys Laws of Combat, which contain a certain amount of unintentional humour. For instance “There is no such thing as the perfect plan, therefore no plan survives the initial contact. A plan requires to be fluid, formless…ever-evolving and changing.” However, most importantly “Military Intelligence can be a contradiction.” “Every command can be misunderstood.” and “Tracers can work both ways.” (Except those that are specifically designed to be ‘One Way’, such as GPS systems within mobile phones) Nonetheless, my personal favourite “The complexity of a weapon is inversely proportional to the IQ of the weapon’s operator.” Once one has observed all that can go wrong in the fight itself, including human error, one begins to examine the mental states of all involved. Throughout history, the practice of single-mindedness has been preached within battle. No distractions can enter the mind or the fight will be lost. In consequence, one has to enter the ring prepared. “To steal information from another individual is known as plagiarism. To steal information from the opponent is called gathering intelligence.” To know ones opponent, preferably without engaging in shady backhand deals, becomes a vital element in establishing a strategy and expectation toward the outcome. The psychology and lifestyle of the individual inevitably reveals a large amount of detail, regarding their stratagems.

Throughout the study of Thanatology (death, dying and bereavement) I discovered one rather pertinent detail. To learn to die means to learn to live. Yet, death does not only confine itself to the decay of the physical body. It refers to a transition of consciousness. Physically, mentally and emotionally. Loss is widely experienced phenomena. To some, it is reminiscent of defeat. To others, it forms an endless void within that can never be filled. Conclusively, the attainment of non-attachment, the ability to direct energies and control ones emotions within war and martial arts practices has been documented extensively throughout history. I shall look forward to sharing this ongoing research in finer detail with the magazine in the future.

Summary of 2013 – Written by Arti Parmar

2013 was one of the most hectic yet exciting years of my adult life. It was the year I became a Film and Media graduate, with First Class Honours. During this year I not only achieved my biggest academic goal, I spent the summer in America living  unforgettable moments and building new memories. 2013 was also the year where I recognised my abilities and aspirations, which is important when beginning to plan a career.  I realised my passion for writing and  therefore my search began for   opportunities which would enable me to grow as a writer. I was lucky enough to be chosen to write for Retro Cult Magazine and to showcase my talent as a writer. During 2014 I hope I can continue to grow, write and inspire.